Proposal Cover Letter

How to write a Proposal Cover Letter

In the modern age, it has become a generally accepted principal to use a cover letter with every proposal to save the precious time of an organization. A proposal cover letter describes the intentions of the sender and the purpose of the proposal. Thus, using a cover letter for a proposal has become very important these days and full advantage can be taken by using a well written cover letter to impress the reader. Whenever you send a proposal, always include cover letter because it is fine business etiquette, very police, very helpful and very advantageous and there is no reason for not including it. A very common mistake made with a proposal is by many proposal writers and that to try to summarize the proposal in the cover letter while the proposal is already summarized in the section of executive summary.

Proposal Cover Letter Sample

The basic purpose of a proposal cover letter is the introduction of the proposal to the reader. In fact the cover letter and the proposal have different audiences and usages. A proposal is generally for the people in your customer’s organization and the cover letter is for your main contact i.e. your customer. Normally and commonly, the cover letter needs to be a personal note in between the two parties working with each other but certainly there are a lot more things to put into the cover letter if you want to but you should avoid these. Try to keep the cover letter very concise and short and avoid increasing its length because the more the length the less chances are that it will be read properly.

Create your own Proposal Cover Letter by using the following template,