Training Proposal Template

How to write a Training Proposal

A training proposal is that document that is presented to propose a certain training program for a company for improving certain skills of its employees. A sample training proposal is a document that provides a guideline for writing a well-structured professional training proposal and is helpful for those individuals who are writing this proposal first time. Training programs should be conducted on regular basis to keep the employees update about the latest skills and happenings to improve their operational efficiency. A training proposal is generally written according to the training requirements. If the objectives of certain training are listed clearly, these are really helpful in writing a training proposal and present it to concerned parties.

What is Training Proposal?

Many organizations who are really concerned about the grooming of their employees are looking for good training and hence well written training proposals really act as a good tool of marketing. As there are a number of organizations offering different training program so competition is high and you have to stand out in the competition to win the race. Therefore a comprehensive and well written training proposal is required to compete and this can only be drafted after following a basic and professional structure depicted by a sample training proposal. A training proposal template can also be written by the human resource department of a company and subsequently submitted to the management for approval. In that case the human resource department needs to emphasize on the training needs and provide a comprehensive cost and benefit analysis of the said training and its long term benefits for the company so that this proposal may convince the management for further action.

Create your own Training Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Training Proposal