Bid Proposal Template

How to write a Bid Proposal

A bid proposal is that document that is containing the detailed information regarding products and services offered by any company and a bid proposal template is the format that is used to prepare a bid proposal. The major contents included in this document are description and nature of services and products of a company along with its costs. This proposal is submitted by a company or individual to some other company. Writing this type of a proposal requires creative design for its title page and professionalism. Its design should be very professional and should be according to the nature of the business and according to the services and products being offered.

Bid Proposal Example

A well designed and professionally format bid proposal example provides great helpful guidelines for beginners to copy and make good proposals. This proposal provides explanation about the services or products along with the cost estimate on which these are being offered to a certain company. These proposals can be solicited and unsolicited. A solicited proposal is the response to a RFP and is considered to be an official document known as a bid in the contracting process while in an unsolicited bid no contractual agreement in between interested parties is signed. A bid proposal is having information about the required material for a certain job, nature of the job, total estimated cost and estimation of time period required for its completion. Some additional information are also included in professional bid proposals like subcontractors if any, qualification list and an overview to show the procedure of accomplishments.

Create your own Bid Proposal by using the following template,