Project Proposal Sample

How to write a Project Proposal

A project proposal sample is a document that provides an example for preparing a project proposal. A project proposal is prepared a company for a certain project by including all the relevant information of that certain project in this proposal. This sample helps the individuals who are looking forward to prepare a project proposal for the first time. This sample gives a detailed idea that how a project proposal needs to be framed correctly. This sample is especially helpful to inexperienced project managers in creating and developing their own customized proposal as per their requirements. A sample proposal is a generic format that can be applied to different circumstances and different projects. While writing your own project proposal document, you need to keep in mind one thing that general structure of the proposal will remain the same however you will necessarily need to change few things to accommodate the nature of your project, its scope and the industry.

Project Proposal Template

A project proposal format helps you in creating a comprehensive proposal that is accurate, focused and clear and it also includes tips and example in each section as a guide. The main section of this sample includes project information, project contacts and project summary. The first section, project information provides an overall picture of project conveying important project details at a glance. In the second section of sample proposal, the contact of all the individuals involved in the project are listed and can be contact at any time. The last section of this sample proposal describes the purpose of doing a certain project and the objective that will be achieved through this project.

Create your own Project Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Project Proposal