Advertising Proposal Sample

A sample advertising proposal is consisting of all the presentation and information pertaining to advertisement of any product or service. An advertising proposal should be designed in a way to catch the attraction of all the targeted clients and should be trustworthy and viable in the present speedy market. An advertising proposal contains the recommendations of an agency for an advertising campaign. This proposal can be a response to a client’s brief or pitch for a campaign competition. A proposal is used by the clients to evaluation the recommendations of the agency and is also helpful in evaluation of agency credentials. Based on this sample, a written proposal is considered to be the first step that is helpful in creating a mutual relationship between a business and a client.

Advertising Proposal Template

In a proposal, it should be tried that recommendations and information should not be rated into generic document and every proposal should be very specific that how you can help your client in achieving its needs, strategies and goals. A advertising proposal template should address the following four specific sections. The first section is known as proposal overview that contains the information about prospective client and his advertising requirements. The second section is goals and objectives that describe the expectations of the client from an ad campaign. The third section is advertising strategy that describes the advertising strategy. The fourth and last section of an advertising proposal is costs and campaign options that help you to give your client a choice between similar options of scheduling that fits with his budget.

Create your own Advertising Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Advertising Proposal