Consumer Proposal Template

A sample consumer proposal is a document that acts as a bid that provides all the relevant details about a specific service or product that is being launched or introduced into market by a specific company to specific group of customers for specific objectives. These objectives are to assess the level of interest regarding that product among this certain group of customers. Hence this information is floated in the market to know the level of acceptance in the customers about this product before the entrance of the market in the market actually.
A typical sample consumer proposal begins with a brief description about the company, its history; details of products are services being offered by the company, main achievements of the company to date and a hint of future plans.

Consumer Proposal

Next in this proposal is mentioned about the test product which is going to be floated in the market for customer’s opinion. This portion mentions about the said product, its features and its benefits for the consumers who are going to use it. Why this product is being launched, a brief note about its purpose is also written to give a fair idea to consumers. Then the details of the targeted group of customers are also elaborated. For example if a face wash is being launched it is to target the women between a certain age group. Then the publicity modes are also mentioned that what modes of advertisement will be used to launch this product for example print and electronic media etc. And in the end the scheduled date of product launch and product price is mentioned.

Create your own Consumer Proposals by using the following template,

Sample Consumer Proposal Template