IT Proposal Template

How To Write a IT Proposal?

In the world of information technology, a sample IT proposal is said to be the document that is formatted by one IT company and is submitted to some other company in response to some tender floated by it. This IT proposal emphasizes and highlights the experience, expertise and services of the IT Company that is responding to a tender. As there will be many other proposals competing with you, your IT proposal must be very well written by highlighting the strengths of your company and the benefits that can be obtained by the receiving company. This proposal should be meticulously drafted putting every essential details together and should be comprehensive, convincing and impact-full.

IT Proposal Sample

A sample IT proposal starts with the name of the company that is submitting the proposal. The reference of the tender should also be mentioned for which the proposal is being submitted. The body of this proposal is consisting of the objective that why this proposal is being submitted and the details of the services being offered in the proposal. Furthermore the competitive advantages over other IT companies should also be mentioned briefly. Then the cost of the product or service you are proposing should be mentioned clearly and if there is any essential relevant information that should also be mentioned to avoid any confusion. The proposal should end with the reference of your satisfied customers who have availed the same product or service and are very happy with it. A brief description of your brand value should also be mentioned in the IT proposal to communicate your commitment and business values.

Create your own IT Proposals by using the following template,

Sample IT Proposal Template