Event Marketing Proposal

Event marketing proposal is prepared and presented by the organizers of an event proposing marketing plan for a certain even. This type of proposal need to be designed in an effective way to make the plans are clearly explained that how the event will be executed. This marketing proposal answers the what, who, where, when, how and why of your marketing plans for organizing an event. This proposal is a guideline to provide complete direction and a step by step procedure of all the things involved in the planning, coordination and execution of an event. Although the structure of a marketing proposal for an event mainly depends on the type of the event, yet there are basic components that typically need to be included in a marketing proposal.

Event Marketing Proposal Template

An event marketing proposal template should include an executive summary or mission statement giving a brief overview of main points of the proposal i.e. the summary of your plans, how to do it and what you hope to achieve. Then you need to identify your target market that will attend your event and how to reach and convince them to attend the event. Then you need to describe the event i.e. what is the nature of your event, a show, a fundraiser, an exhibition, a dinner or a workshop. Moving forward in the proposal, you need to clearly narrate the objectives you are looking forward to achieve through organizing this event. And in the end you need to explain the marketing and promotion strategy for the event describing the details that how you are going to use the marketing mix consisting of price, place, product and promotion.

Create your own Event Marketing Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Event Marketing Proposal