Product Marketing Proposal Sample

Product marketing is an important aspect of any manufacturing business that is involved in sale of different products. The products are mostly developed keeping in view the needs of the customer who you are targeting in the market. Product marketing is an important stage of the new product development process. Any business that is involved in selling of products needs to market its products so that these can be purchased by more and more customers and distributors so that the sales volume may increase and ultimately the profit of the business rise. A product marketing proposal is a document that is prepared and presented by a business explaining and describing the plans for their existing products or new products. This marketing proposal should be written with effectiveness and efficiency and should be attractive and impressive so that it may convince maximum number of audience and can achieve the maximum results.

Product Marketing Proposal Template

A product marketing proposal sample starts with the proposal tile and further includes the name of the company, date of issuance of proposal, name and designation of the issuer of the proposal. Furthermore under the section of executive summary, a brief introduction about the company, its history and its performance is given. A brief description of the products is also provided in this section. Under the heading of plan about marketing regulation, the purpose and procedure of marketing campaigns is described briefly. If the proposal is about a new product, the date of product launch is also mentioned and the date of validity of proposal is also mentioned.

Create your own Product Marketing Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Product Marketing Proposal