Lease Agreement Proposal Template

What is Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement proposal is that document that is drafted on behalf of either party the lessor, lessee or both. This document contains all the terms & condition of a lease agreement and information that is crucial about different matter of the lease including the area of the property to be leased, the amount of rent that is agreed, duration of the lease, amenities provided, other costs and any special rule and regulations if applicable. Before making a final lease agreement, this proposal is drafted with the purpose to highlight the important points which will be the part of the actual and final lease agreement if this proposal is agreed and approved by both the parties involved in lease agreement. This proposal gives the required information to the lessor and the lessee and communicates them what to expect from the lease agreement.

Lease Agreement Format

If an individual is leasing his property first time, signing a lease agreement proposal with his tenant will really help in ensuring that leasing process will go on smoothly and in case it does not, the signed proposal or agreement will provide you a legal recourse. The terms and rules that are to be followed by the tenant should be clearly mentioned so that the tenant must know how to act accordingly. The legal bindings for both the parties should be described in a straight forward way and it should also be mentioned that what will happen if any of the party violates any term or condition. A standard format can be customized according to the requirements of both the parties.

Create your own Lease Proposals by using the following template,

Lease Agreement Proposal Template