Construction Equipment Lease Proposal

What is Equipment Lease?

A document that is used by a lessee or a lessor to write down the essential information and terms and conditions for leasing of particular piece of equipment, is called an equipment lease proposal. This type of leasing related to equipment is done in cases where machinery is used for any kind of construction, plumbing, drilling, production or medical work. And this machinery is used by the lessee of the equipment lease deal. By signing a lease agreement, the lessee need not to buy the equipment for his business use but can use the machinery according to the deal for the business purpose for a given period of time and this way he can save a lot of money that could have to be spent on buying the expensive equipment. The same money saved through leasing can be utilized for other operations of the business.

How To Write a Lease Proposal

An equipment lease proposal should included all the details about the lessor, the lessee, the equipment, the terms and conditions of usage, the details about the time period, the amount of leasing and the mode of payment of lease amount. Furthermore, if there are any additional points in terms and conditions, these should also be part of this lease proposal. Some other information included in this lease proposal is the name and addresses of the lessor and the lessee, the type of equipment, the name of the proposal, and the dates of proposal preparation and submission. The purpose of this proposal is briefly narrated and the details of the proposal are also highlighted.

Create your own Lease Proposals by using the following template,

Equipment Lease Proposal Template