Research Paper Proposal Example

How to write a Research Paper Proposal

A sample research paper proposal is that proposal that describes overall topic ideas, research process, research question and the sources that will be used and subsequent steps for a certain project. Written proposals are required by many disciplines before the beginning to make a seminar paper, a presentation or any experiment. A sample research proposal may vary in length depending upon the scale and scope of a certain project. And also depending upon the discipline and its particular needs, special features may also be added to it. There can be a number of things than can be included in a research paper proposal template for the sake of giving a good understanding to your supervisor about the approach you are looking forward to adopt in your research.

Research Paper Proposal Template

And most importantly you must need to discuss clearly about the exact research topic that you are planning to cover in research paper. This proposal will also include a background of the selected subject and also a review of material i.e. a body of art or a book, on which you are conduction research. You may have already spent a lot of time on learning about writing a thesis sentence but this is not actually what you are looking forward to do with research proposal of yours. One thing to remember is that you are not conducting a research for proving a point. Therefore when you are discussing the research topic, you should be balanced, open minded and fair and you should leave some space for flexibility in your research proposal.

Create your own Research Paper Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Research Paper Proposal