Sales Proposal Template

How to write a Sales Proposal

Sales proposal is said to be complete bid that provides information about the products and services to the potential customers or clients and generally is submitted once the initial sales call is made. Generally this proposal has three main and basic objectives. First of all it helps in educating the potential clients about a need which they themselves do not know. Normally a potential client is aware of only some portion of a need. This can be a good opportunity for you to show your ability to foresee the needs of your clients. Secondly this proposal is used to convince the client that you are having the capability and competence to deliver according to the needs of your clients better than anyone else.

Sales Proposal Example

The third basic point of sales proposal is that this proposal provides clear justification for the investment of the prospective client in such easy terms that are really understandable and useful to the client. However, you first need to make your client to read your proposal to convince him that your are the right person for the job he requires or needs. So the important factor to consider is that how you can get the attention of a busy executive to impress him through your proposal. This can only be done by writing a proposal focusing on fulfilling his needs and not focusing on your products and services. You must also need to differentiate your services or goods from the competition through your proposal. First you need to make your prospective client realized that he is having a need and then convince him that you are the only one who can best fulfill his need. Below you can find a free sales proposal example.

Create your own Sales Proposal by using the following template,

Sample Sales Proposal