Legal Proposal Template

What is Legal Proposal?

A legal proposal is a document that is used to market the legal services of a lawyer or a law firm to the potential individual or corporate clients. The purpose of writing this legal proposal may vary like it may be used to offering the legal services, it may be used to sign a contract with a client for representing him or it can be used as a simple marketing tool or brochure to spread the information about the legal services of a firm to approach maximum clientele. Law firms and lawyers are always searching for new clients to flourish the business because the more the clients the more the business and more the profits.

Legal Proposal Sample

If you are a lawyer simply practicing in family law, you may fulfill your marketing need through a brochure but if you want to grow your clientele at a large scale and want to get lucrative contract with corporate companies, provide corporate counseling, outsource services, negotiate contracts and handle employment related issues, then you definitely need to write a comprehensive legal proposal and a sample legal proposal can really help in this regards. Thus a legal proposal can be used for multiple purposes in the legal field to achieve multiple objectives. If you are not accustomed to write and design professional proposals for marketing of your services, it is not a big deal. A well written sample can help to you out in drafting a well prepared legal proposal. The most important point to consider while writing a legal proposal is that it should be focused on the client and not on you.

Create your own Legal Proposals by using the following template,

Sample Legal Proposal Template