Car Lease Template

What is Car Lease Proposal?

A car lease proposal is the document that is carrying the terms & condition about the lease of a car. There are a number of auto rental organizations who are offering and leasing out car on yearly, monthly, week and even daily basis. Just like any other leasing proposal, this proposal should also have the detailed information about the lessee and the lessor, the complete information about the car being leased (make of the car and model of the car), the time period of leasing and the date of lease accompanied by other rules and terms of lease. Furthermore, information and details about the amount of rent payable on the car, any insurance or liability amount payable and any other special note related to rules or instructions should also be described to avoid any future dispute between the lessor and the lessee.

Car Lease Example

A car lease proposal can also be used between companies as lessor and lessee. This proposal also addresses the issues like car ownership, responsibility for maintenance, inspections, repairs of car and other issues related to insurance and licenses. There are some standard rules and regulations for signing a car lease but if both parties are mutually agreed, modification can be made in any of terms and conditions or any addition can be made. The content of this proposal also includes the start and end date of lease, the due date of rent etc. Another important thing to mention in the lease proposal is that the company or individual, who has leased the car from other company or person, cannot lease or sell the car to anyone else.

Create your own Lease Proposals by using the following template,

Car Lease Proposal Template