Sample Proposal Letter

How to write a Proposal Letter

A sample proposal letter is a format that describes the principles and regulations that provide a guideline for creating proposal letters in general. Most of the organizations require a formal proposal before granting funds or awarding a contract for a specific project, at all levels. Therefore proposal letters are extremely essential for initial negotiation and therefore should be written accordingly. A formal proposal letter is a business letter that is written by an individual or a company within or outside the company to some other party to present a business proposal or an idea that is beneficial for both parties.

Proposal Letter Format

A proposal letter format provides a guideline for a basic structure of a proposal letter. However, changes can be made to alter and modify this basic structure to fulfill your requirements. Generally a proposal letter includes complete introduction the individual or company, a brief narration about the proposal or project, all the important points and terms & conditions that are helpful in signing a deal. Different department within a company use to send these proposal letters to the relevant authorities on day to day basis to arrange a meeting to have detailed discussion about the proposal. For example, sales department can send a proposal letter to the management, describing a new idea that is helpful in increasing the sales, and a comprehensive plan to execute that idea. Most of the companies have a policy to give their employees a chance to send the management different proposal that can be beneficial for the company in the long run. These proposal are submitted through a proposal letter.

Create your own Proposal Letter by using the following template,

Sample Proposal Letter