Cleaning Contract Proposal Template

How to Write a Proposal For Cleaning Services

A document that describes the terms and conditions and all the relevant details of a contract relating to cleaning is known as a cleaning contract proposal. There can be a number of different contacts for cleaning but essentially a cleaning contract characterizes a written agreement in between the involved two parties for completion of job of cleaning of a specific area like an office, a house, a school, a building, a pool or anything. Everything about the nature of the cleaning and requirements should be written very clearly and cautiously so that everything is clearly communicated by one party who is hiring the services. In the same all these written details, information and instructions must be carefully read and understood by the party who is going to deliver the services so that there should not be any ambiguity in the requirements and delivery.

Cleaning Service Proposal Sample

Generally writing, designing and formatting a cleaning contract proposal is considered to be an overwhelming task if you have never done this before or never seen the one before. It should be understood that a cleaning proposal is different from a cleaning bid. A cleaning bid is a simple sheet that is used to offer your price for services while a cleaning proposal is a well presented composition of information related to your company, your experiences, expertise, services and also your bid price for cleaning services. There are no hard and fast rules for the length of a cleaning proposal and it all depends upon the company preparing it.

Create your own Contract Proposals by using the following template,

Cleaning Contract Proposal Template