Business Contract Proposal

How to Write a Business Contract Proposal

An agreement between two parties for a particular business having all the basic details is known as a business contract proposal. There are some details which must be a part of this proposal and these details include like salient features of the business, the terms and conditions of the business and the stakeholders involved. This contract proposal should be clearly written and should be checked and rechecked again and again before finalizing and signing because it is a legal binding between the concerned parties. As we know a proposal can be used in different roles like as a bid, as a project planning tool, as a sales pitch and also as a contract. Therefore a proposal must include all the details which are necessary for the purpose for which a proposal is prepared.

Business Contract Proposal Template

There are some elements of a business contract proposal that should be included. While writing this proposal, do include the information about the companies and a customary business greeting. This information include the names and addresses of the both the companies, the date of proposal, To and From and a brief introduction. Then in the section of scope of work, the details of the specific terms and all the particulars of the project or business should be mentioned for which the contract proposal is being prepared. Also clearly write about those areas of expectations that do not come in the scope of work. For example if there is contract for software testing, do specify that your proposal is specifically for one are of software only and it will not cover other areas.

Create your own Contract Proposals by using the following template,

Business Contract Proposal Template