HR Proposal Sample

How to Write a HR Proposal?

Human resource or HR proposal is the proposition and plan that is prepared, designed and offered by the HR department of a company for the benefit and well being of the employees of the company. This proposal can be different in content and nature and will vary from company to company and is designed differently by HR staff according to their approaches. Generally the contents of this proposal mainly depend on the goals, targets and objectives that are supposed to be achieved and therefore this proposal is framed according to those objectives so that these objectives are achieved. The field of human resource is consisting of different domains and therefore a proposal can be related to these different domains. It can be related to orientation of the newly hired employees, or about the training of the existing employees.

HR Proposal Template

HR proposal can also be organization oriented that is prepared for addressing different issues related to the organization. For example a proposal can be related to management, development, audit or any other aspect of the organization that is very important for the smooth operational activities of any organization. This proposal starts with the name of the human resource department and further includes the name and address of the company, the date of preparation of the proposal, the name and designation of the person who prepared the proposal, the date of submission of the proposal, name of the approving concerned person, topic of the proposal, purpose of the proposal and all the details of the proposal are highlighted.

Create your own HR Proposals by using the following template,

HR Proposal Template