Lease Proposal Template

How To Write Lease Proposal?

A lease proposal sample is a document pertaining to a lease created by broker or a real estate agency that describes the terms & conditions of a particular lease and submits it further to the lessor and the lessee who then read and evaluate this proposal and decide whether to reject or accept the lease proposal. If a lease proposal is well written and looks satisfactory to both the parties and they are happy with the content of the proposal they move forward to make a formal agreement on the basis of the lease proposal. Therefore, a lease proposal is a basic document or paper that outlines the information about a specific lease and acts as a guideline that is helpful in forming a legal agreement.

Lease Agreement Template

The contents of a lease proposal sample include the name and address of the landlord, name and address of the tenant, the location of the premises, the area of the premises, the amount of per month bills plus utilities bill, the date of proposal preparation, the date of proposal submission, the name and designation of the broker or real estate agent. Under the heading of purpose of the proposal, a brief detail about the purpose that why this proposal is being written and in contains the terms and conditions of the lease are also mentioned. In the section of details of lease proposal, the specific details about the lease proposal are highlighted in a clear manner. The proposal ends with the approval and signs of both the landlord and the tenant.

Create your own Lease Proposals by using the following template,

Lease Proposal Sample Template